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Abstracts – Poster Presentations

Brittany Andrews
The Impact of Technology on Children's Attention, Achievement, and Cognition in the Classroom

Jessica Anthony
From Best Friend to Therapist: Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal on Stress

Kera Brake
What Mental Health Services Should be Available to University Students?

Hannah Breen-Hepditch
Do They Exist and Can I Use Them? Perceptions of Availability and Accessibility of Mental Health Resources in NL

Matt Colbourne
To What Degree Do Sleep Quality, Sleep Quantity, and Sleep Schedule Impact a Student?

Carolyn Dumaresque, Kelsey Jewer, Robert Tobin
The Role of Bone Marrow Fat Index and Kidney Fat Index on Caribou Health and Survival: A Comparison Between Merasheen Island and Insular Newfoundland Herds. 

Jennifer Fraser-Smith
Attachment in the Digital Age

Bethany George
Mindfulness In The 21st Century

Jonathan Guy
Long Term Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Sport Concussions

Julia Halfyard, Felicia Hillier, Kelsey White
Prenatal Weather Conditions in Relation to Caribou (Ranigfer tarandus tarandus) Jawbone Length 

Kayla Hanrahan-Potter
Mental Illness: Media Portrayals, Our Perceptions, Consequences and Change

Danika Henstridge
Are Children at Developmental Risk when their Parent(s) have a Psychiatric Disorder?

Emily Hynes
Alzheimer's Disease: Impact and Support for Family and Caregivers

Roxanne Kleinveldt, Nirisha Kowlessur, Robin Evans-Taylor
Analysis of back fat changes and how it indicates overall health of the Merasheen caribou.

Pei Yu Lee and Maisha Maliha Shaheed 
Health Condition of Male and Female Caribou on Merasheen Island, NL

Carly MacIsaac
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Aging Cats and Dogs: A Syndrome Analogous to Alzheimer's Disease in Humans

Janelle Marchand, Keshav Ramdhan, Spencer Wright
Caribou Antler Points: A Visual Indicator of Caribou Body Fat on Merasheen Island.

Carolee Martinez
Sociopathic Tendencies: Factors That Influence These Behaviours

Jessica Mcleod
The Effectiveness of Attachment Styles in Couple Therapy

Tori Moguel
Let The Music Hit You: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Music and Emotions

Keira Munn
Growing Up in a Military Family: The Impact On Children and How the Military Can Support Them

Kryston Munnings
Psychological Stress Experienced by International Students in Post-Secondary Institutions

Lorna Osmond
Examining the impacts of technological interventions on communication for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Robyn Redlin
Child Interviewing and the Accuracy of Memory Recall

Amiee Reid
The Role Parents Play in the Development of Aggressive Behaviour in Children

Teya Ricketts
Preventative Measures for Postpartum Depression

Miranda Sheppard
Coping Strategies: Healthy and Non-healthy

Charliza Slusher
Adolescence and Aggression

Taylor Smith
Filling in the Blanks: Can Research on PTSD in Military Personnel Be Applied to First Responders?

Zachary Thomas
An Analysis of the Relationship between Sleep and the Abnormal Brain

Vannessa Williams:
The Moral Influence of Lyrics

Sandi Yates
Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention: Does it Help?

Jacob Westcott
Agricultural policy and bee health in Newfoundland