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Research Facilities

Our group is equipped with several special research instruments that allow us analyze air samples for greenhouse gas emissions, and water samples for DOC and TN. 

(1) Eddy-covariance system

(2) Greenhouse Gas emission analyzers:

Bruker GHG GC with Auto-samplers 

‚ÄčMPS Autosampler for GC/MS with Dynamic Headspace DHS option

LGR Ultraportable GHG analyzer:

Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (CH<sub>4</sub>,CO<sub>2</sub>,H<sub>2</sub>O)-Ultraportable

LiCor-6400XT for Photosynthesis analysis

(3) LGR Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer

Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer

(4) Shamdzu TOC-LCPH analyzer for DOC/TN analysis