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Jianghua Wu, Ph.D. (McGill University)

Associate Professor 

Sustainable Resource Management,

School of Science and the Environment, 

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University,

20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 5G4,


Tel: 001-709-639-2735

Fax: 001-709-639-8125

Email: ​

Group members:

Ms. Mei Wang (Ph.D. student in Environmental Science) (Congratulations! Mei defensed her Ph.D. thesis successfully on August 21, 2017.)

Mr. Riad Eissa (Ph.D. student in Environmental Science, co-supervised with Dr. David McKenzie at AAFC)

Mr. Siya Shao (Ph.D. student in McGill University, co-supervised with Dr. Nigel Roulet)

Mr. Yu Gong (Ph.D. student in Environmental Science)

Mr. Lê Bá Thưởng (Ph.D. student in Environmental Science)

Mr. Asare Gyimah (M.Sc. student in Environmental Science)

Ms. Maryam Hajheidari (M.Sc. student in BEAS)

Mr. Shah Mohioudin (M.Sc. student in BEAS)

Mr. Albert Sey (M.Sc. student in BEAS)

Ms. Akpoguma Blessing (M.Sc. student in BEAS)

Ms. Victoria Nimmo (M.Sc. student in Environmental Science, co-supervised with Dr. Xinbiao Zhu at CFS, graduated in September 2016)

Dr. Junwei Luan (Post-doctoral research fellow, 2013-2016. Now an Associate Professor at the International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan, Beijing, China)